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Issue 46

You really must be a pensioner if you can remember Martha and the Vandellas and their 1963 song “Heatwave”.  Just right for the summer.  According to the song “love is burning in my heart, I can’t keep from crying (it’s like a heatwave)”. We do appreciate that reading about tax can give you heartburn and […]


Issue 45

Turn back to 1835 when Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote his poem, Locksley Hall. In it he said “In the Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love”. Apparently, they didn’t have a Spring Budget and Finance Bill back in the 1830s so young men didn’t have enough to think about.  Further to […]


Issue 44

We are told that winter is when the axis of the Earth in the respective hemisphere is oriented away from the Sun.  That’s why, at this time of year, you particularly need a Square Circular to put a little sunshine into your day. As usual, we cover a few different topics, although this Issue, the […]


Issue 43

Apparently before the 16th Century autumn was usually known as “harvest”. Hence the German word “herbst” and the Scots word “hairst”.  Only more recently has it become known as autumn (from the old French word “autompne”).  On the other side of the Atlantic they like to be different and call it “fall”. Fascinating stuff.  We […]


Issue 42

We googled the Top 10 Summer Holiday Reads 2013, just to see if the Square Circular was included.  It wasn’t; from which we deduce it must have been number eleven. Still, not bad! We hope the drama, the thrill and the humour of topics like Inheritance tax, VAT penalties, share options and the like isn’t […]


Issue 41

Did you enjoy the summer?  That was those two days over the Bank Holiday weekend at the beginning of May.  Now back to spring and, of course, that means the spring issue of the Square Circular. This time we’re telling you an interesting mixture of the new and the old.  Yes, there are some old […]

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