Starting up or growing a business is an exciting and busy time. Your focus is on developing sales, recruiting the right people and creating the right infrastructure.Time is a precious resource which you need to spend wisely.

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Corporate Finance

Whether you are starting a business, expanding through organic growth or an acquisition or selling your company, our corporate finance accountants are here to advise and assist you.

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Tax affects all of us and knowing what to pay and when is not always straight forward, Alexander & Co’s tax accountants are here to guide you through the process. Paying less tax and maximising the wealth you have created is important when you work as hard as you do.

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Late Tax Return Excuses: HMRC’s Top 10

Dog with torn up papers - Late Tax Return Excuses

So every year HMRC publish a list of the best/worst reasons for our and their own amusement. And this time round there are some hackneyed excuses that can be applied to nearly all situations and others that are a tad more unbelievable. We have to admit that the prospect of becoming a father or mother…

Shock Horror! HMRC Helplines Found Lacking by Which?

Cartoon man on hold

If you’ve ever had grounds for calling HMRC’s helplines, it probably won’t come as much surprise that they’ve not got a reputation for being particularly helpful. But it’s always nice to see confirmation of a fact you’ve long suspected true. HMRC’s tax helplines have labelled a ‘lottery’ in a recent survey because nearly a third of…